COVID-19 How long does the virus stay on clothing?

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

There have been much talk about how long the virus stays on a surface. The surfaces that we have been hearing about is plastic, metals and cardboard but what about your clothing? The CDC notes that the virus can last from hours up to days on a surface which include your clothing. Research has shown that synthetics fabrics holds the virus longer than natural fibers but that being said there isn't anything about how long the fabric holds onto the virus. You should wash your clothes in case someone with the virus has touched your clothing or you have been in large group setting. Public health specialist Carol Winner says the best you can do is to wash your clothing on the warmest setting recommend for your material or minimum 80 degrees fahrenheit.
Surfaces can hold the virus for up to:
Cardboard 24 hours
Stainless steal & Plastic 2-3 days
Copper 4 hours

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