How do we ensure sustainability?

How do we ensure sustainability?

Sustainability is many things and are important to the future of fashion. In order to preserve the environment and minimize the effects of fast fashion it’s important to move towards sustainability in all walks of life. This also means adopting Fair Trade production methods to ensure proper treatment and compensation for laborers. 

Malaika uses specially engineered textiles and fabrics that are crafted into statement pieces that don’t go out of style and are long-lasting without compromising style and comfort. 

While most people think of sustainable fashion, they imagine dull, shapeless and boring sack-like garments. It is our mission here at Malaika New York to change this view by creating trendy, monochromatic pieces with pops of color.

Modern and futuristic, high quality, handmade and sustainable

Our textiles are sustainably sourced, high quality, fabrics from developed countries with streamlined supply chains like Italy, UK and US. The production processes vary and are all less polluting than conventional textile companies.

Furthermore, we strive to optimize patterns and make zero waste patterns in order to minimize waste. 

Another point of focus is upcycling fabrics and materials into new garments and embellishments. Recycled plastic, beeswax cotton and organic moleskin & ECONYL® yarn (comes from fishing net, old carpet and other nylon waste) are all materials we use and we keep discovering new and interesting materials to work with.