Sustainable beauty brands we love

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella vegan skincare brand is one of our favorite sustainable brands. They’ve been in existence since 1992 and develop products that are ethically made, safe and offer something out of the ordinary. The active natural ingredients they use have gone through extensive research and clinical trials to validate their benefits. Since their mantra is “compassion for all living beings”, they forego the use of animal byproducts like collagen, elastin, stearic acid and tallow. This means that all their products are cruelty-free! Furthermore, they do not use microbeads in their cosmetics in order not to pollute waterways. We especially love their Organic Water-free Lemon Verbena Herbal Body lotion that leaves the skin silky smooth and hydrated with a subtle and natural scent of lemon.


Another sustainable brand that we love is Ecocare. With Ecocare it’s all about balance, about being in balance with yourself, your body, your mind and the planet. Ecocare offers high quality vegan and all natural haircare for the whole family. Like a lot of other sustainable brands, they are animal cruelty-free and use recycled paper and bottles for their products. Furthermore, they have omitted using harsh chemicals, harsh preservatives, parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors that can harm the body and the environment. One of our favorites is the Hydraplex Moisture Shampoo that leaves our hair moisture, glowing and flowing. It also promises to promote new hair growth, nourish our scalps and prevent protein loss in hair. It is a must try.

Malaika Haaning