Malaika New York collaborations

We here at Malaika New York, believe in talent and we’ve done collaborations with some amazingly talented people. Here you can read more about them:

Jenny Mustard is a Swedish minimalist vegan lifestyle, food and design blogger who lives in Berlin, Germany. She shares her simple and cool lifestyle tips and her minimalist style went perfectly with our sleek and modern designs. She absolutely rocked our Zero Vest and Moon ring - we think she looked amazing wearing them together.

Liz Besanson is an American fashion photographer who has been published in various fashion and beauty magazines. Her style is modern and cutting edge and she has an amazing aesthetic, which made her perfect in capturing some of our classic Malaika New York pieces like our 3D Leather dress, Black Zero vest and Moon ring.

Katarzyna, the founder of Mesmerize Fashion is based in Germany and has a crisp and minimalist style that’s both classic and modern at the same time.  Her style is mostly sleek, simple and monochromatic and she wears it with flair. Our Malaika key pieces were perfect for her and she looked amazing in them.

Lily Montasser, known as Demeler, is a NYC fashion and lifestyle blogger with impeccable style who likes to keep things simple with just a dash of flash. Her sleek, timeless style and attention to detail made her a perfect candidate to show off our all black designs.