Malaika Boysen Haaning

Malaika Boysen Haaning Jyske Vest Kyster

Image by Mathilde Nygaard Jespersen (Jyske Vest Kysten).

Malaika Boysen Haaning founded Malaika New York in 2014 while attending Parsons. The danish born, designer lives and breathes sustainability. She has mastered her craft of constructing zero waste concepts and innovative sewing techniques while growing her company that now expands to locations on the east & west coast of USA and beyond. She is very detail oriented & loves architecture, which shows in her design aesthetic. Her goal with Malaika New York is to give women the opportunity, to feel and look good where ever she goes.

Hi, I am Malaika Boysen Haaning an Americanized Dane with a zero-waste fashion mission. I studied fashion design at Parsons, the New School of Design in New York, where I got the first stepping stone to get where I am today.

I have always had a passion for creating garments out of impossible shapes and materials because I find the general fashion concept wasteful and uninspired. I am fuelled by the climate change to make women feel cool, and comfortable in world saving pieces that will create beautiful staple collections for years to come. I have gained techniques where it is now possible to have very little waste compared to the fashion industry's 30% waste. I can't wait to create more designs that will empower you.