Zanniee 200+ Ethical & sustainable American Fashion Brands

Zanniee 200+ Ethical & sustainable American Fashion Brands

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We were featured in Zanniee a trusted guide for sustainable fashion, eco travel, healing, clean beauty and conscious living. Read the full article here.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Zanniee started blogging in 2015, sharing insights on fashion, film, and literature. After watching The True Cost documentary, her journey toward ethical shopping and sustainable living began. Embracing slow fashion and opting for second-hand purchases, she transforms research and personal practices into actionable steps for readers.

Formerly considered niche, Zanniee's interests in ethical fashion, clean beauty, and mindful consumption have now entered the mainstream. A published fiction author with a background in liberal arts, she also dabbles in travel photography. Over 14 years, she's embarked on a spiritual journey, delving into Kabbalah and other nonreligious wisdom, becoming certified as an intuitive healer in 2018.

Zanniee's mission on is to offer practical solutions, from recommending non-toxic lipstick to sharing profound spiritual insights. Using her blog as a creative laboratory, she explores various experiments. Born on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius, she welcomes questions and greetings from her audience. Feel free to reach out!

Zanniee 200 ethical fashion brands in American


Sustainable and ethical women wear brands in the USA


Malaika New York recommended as a sustainable american fashion brand

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