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Gift Guide For Women Over 40

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Delve into this thoughtfully curated gift guide tailored for women over 40, presenting a diverse array of 10 unique ideas sourced from small, independent companies. Whether you opt for feel-good fashion, high-quality coats, spirit jewelry, planted gardens, hand-made soaps, or high-quality foods, each item embodies a conscious decision to support local enterprises and contribute to environmental preservation. These gifts transcend mere tokens; they represent a commitment to bolstering small businesses and safeguarding our environment. By choosing presents from this guide, you not only offer meaningful and high-quality items but also play a crucial role in fostering the growth of local businesses and contributing to the ongoing preservation of our environment.


Planted Places

planted garden organic

 Embark on a year-long journey of cultivating fresh, organic leafy greens, herbs, and edible florals with this ideal gift for health enthusiasts who relish leisurely and enjoyable activities. Delivered quarterly at the onset of each season, recipients can savor the harvests unique to every time of the year. Discover the perfect holiday gifts by exploring their selection, thoughtfully curated to suit various styles. Although they ship live plants, you have the flexibility to decide when to receive them during the festive season. Visit their online store to choose from a range of gifts that celebrate the joy of growing and enjoying nature's bounty.

Chikahisa Studio

sustainable gift guide 2021

Bold.Modern.Sophisticated. Handcrafted jewelry that connects to your inner wisdom. Extraordinary jewelry for your lifes journey.  Each piece is ethically sourced and made in their Seattle studio.

Coat Check Chicago

sustainable gift guide

Coat Check Chicago is a line of classic inspired outerwear for modern women. Coat Check is ethically made in Chicago putting quality construction and timeless design at the forefront of our decisions.


sustainable holiday gift guide 2021

 Clean and natural cleaning supplies for your home. They believe that the wellness you find beneath your kitchen sink and on your bathroom counter is equally as important as the food you put on your table. You, your family, and this planet depend on us to make health a priority. 

Sage Sleep

sustainable gift guide 2021

A natural sleep store located in Auburn, CA that helps you create a bed as unique as you. Are you looking for pillows and bedding that is non toxic, natural this is your place to go. Everything is made in the USA.

 Alma Baltica

10 gift guide ideas for women over 40

Alma Báltica warmly welcomes individuals on their journey to better health, positioning itself as the destination for healing and achieving a sense of wholeness. The foundation of this family-driven enterprise lies in a profound connection between nature and wellness. Grounded in a deep belief in the wisdom of Mother Earth, they specialize in providing a diverse array of expertly crafted herbalist-made tinctures, gemmotherapy extracts, teas, and assorted herbal blends. All offerings are meticulously tailored to meet the needs of those undertaking a voyage toward holistic health and overall well-being. The new year is around the corner, and what better way to start it then by doing a deep cleanse? Shop now.


Gratitude Soapery

sustainable holiday guide

Gratitude products are created in small, artisan sized batches here you will find candles, soaps, masks and much more. They want to part of your every day, a reminder of your value, your creativity, your “you-ness.”   From the names of the products to the colors to the scents, they have been intentional in creating the experience.  

 Parisian's Pure Indulgenceageless eye serum parisian pure


Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes and hello to a youthful sparkle! their age-defying eye treatments tighten, brighten, and smooth the appearance of skin around your eyes. Recognizing the significance of leading vibrant and healthy lives while exuding fabulousness, women over 50 resonate with the mission. Kelli the founder is drawing from years of experience in the beauty industry, foresaw the inevitability of clean beauty shaping the industry's future. A must try!


Olive & Basket

speciality foods from italy and beyond

Olive & Basket takes pride in being a purveyor of high-quality foods sourced from around the world, adhering to a standard where only the best is deemed satisfactory. For those who cherish olive oil, they find themselves in capable hands when exploring the offerings at Olive & Basket. The selection spans various flavors tailored to enhance a multitude of dishes, from hummus and tomato sauce to popcorn. The assortment of fresh, vibrant flavors presented at this establishment promises to elevate the taste of every culinary creation. Check out their gift section here.


Malaika New York

knee-length black shift dress by malaika New York

Step into the essence of Malaika New York today, where our collection is designed for the woman seeking stress-free elegance on her daily life journey. Discover our signature black shift dresses, faux leather leggings, and faux fur vests, carefully crafted to make you look and feel amazing.

Malaika New York stands proud as a Zero Waste clothing brand, seamlessly blending Scandinavian minimalism with exquisite techniques. Our garments are not just clothes; they're a harmonious fusion of sustainability and style. Using squares, triangles, and rectangles, we optimize fabric usage up to an impressive 98%, ensuring that our customers receive unique pieces that stand out in their wardrobe. Each garment is a testament to our commitment to zero-waste fashion, providing versatility and uniqueness that can't be replicated elsewhere.

At Malaika New York, we invite you to embrace a lifestyle where sustainability meets sophistication, where the everyday journey is adorned with stress-free elegance and unparalleled style. Shop now.

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