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Malaika New York Founder Graces Parsons Graduation Program Cover

In a momentous occasion that celebrated the convergence of sustainability, design, and innovation, the founder and designer of Malaika New York was bestowed with a distinct honor. Malaika Boysen Haanings created the front cover of the program for Parsons graduation, an event held on Thursday, May 19th, 2016, at the iconic First Presbyterian Church in New York.

What made this achievement all the more remarkable was the choice of materials used in the design, echoing the very essence of MALAIKA's philosophy. The white elements, including accessories, were meticulously crafted from manipulated recycled plastic bags. This innovative use of materials not only showcased the designer's artistry but also underscored their dedication to repurposing waste and reducing its impact on the environment.

Furthermore, the grey portions of the program were created from sustainable discarded leather sourced locally in New York. This choice epitomized MALAIKA's commitment to supporting local artisans and sustainable practices. By using ethically sourced materials, they demonstrated that fashion can be both aesthetically captivating and environmentally responsible.

The Parsons graduation program cover, featuring the design of Malaika's, served as an inspiration to all attendees. It was a vivid reminder that fashion can be a force for good, leading the way in sustainable design and responsible consumption. Their presence on the cover symbolized the growing importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and the impact one individual can have on driving positive change.

As we look back on this momentous occasion, we celebrate the designer's journey and her dedication to creating a fashion brand that not only defines style but also champions sustainability. The front cover of the Parsons graduation program was more than an accolade; it was a visual testament to the power of creativity and conscience working hand in hand to shape a brighter, more sustainable future for fashion.

The white material used in the design including accessories are made out of manipulated recycled plastic bags and the grey is sustainable leather sourced locally in New York.

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