Presentation During Mens Fashion week June 10 2019

Presentation During Mens Fashion week June 10 2019

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Lily Ravas Brand Management ( launched the debut collection of Plaitly and Malaika during London Fashion Week Men’s on the 10th of June. The collection was introduced to VIP Guests and members of press in the London College of Contemporary Arts Gallery. 
VIP Alya Kepa
VIP Chris Lavish
New pieces shown at the event included our new Bike Tube Leggings, Twist Dress & our 100% Up-cycled Swatch Jacket
One of our favorites pieces from Plaitly's new collection  is the Echappé Necklace here paired with our Bike Tube Dress reversed for a V-neck line.
Jewelry by Plaitly
Each of our collections tells a narrative centered on a theme, whether it's personalized jewelry shaped by the sun, or expressive minimalist jewelry that captures the movement of fabrics, or 3d-printed jewelry with handmade elements.  Our design process combines digital technologies, such as scripting physics simulations and 3d-printing computer models, with handmade techniques, such as lost wax metal casting.  We believe that the inspiration behind your jewelry combined with the process of how it was made creates a meaningful piece with a compelling story behind it. 
Please find a video of our jewelry making process in the link below:

Plaitly Triangle Plié PendantEntrelacé Bracelet

Malaika New York Hexagon T-Shirt & Twist Skirt

Clothing by Malaika New York
We Plant A Tree For Every Purchase
MALAIKA New York was founded on the pillars of sustainability and social good. To do our part in contributing to a more sustainable future, we plant a tree for every garment we sell in collaboration with The Canopy Project, a project that aims to reforest East Africa.
 Zero Waste Patterns
We design our garments using a technique that minimizes waste. The apparel industry is one of the biggest waste-producing industries. Much of the excess materials created in the apparel industry end up in landfills. By implementing Zero Waste Patterns, we are able to strategically drape the fabric in a such a way so little to no materials are wasted.
Video - About Us
Malaika Hexagon Dress to the left
Malaika Hexagon T-Shirt & Bike Tube Leggings to the right


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