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Zero Waste Clothing

We design our garments using a technique that minimizes waste. By implementing Zero Waste Patterns, we are able to strategically drape the fabric in a such a way so little to no materials are wasted.

Create your own capsule collection

We create your timeless capsule collection which will last you years to come. Designed in Denmark. Responsible made in Turkey by Kopenhag Studio a Danish owned company.

Meet our founder

Malaika Boysen Haaning founded Malaika New York in 2014 while attending Parsons. The danish born, designer lives and breathes sustainability. She has mastered her craft of constructing zero waste concepts and innovative sewing techniques while growing her company that now expands to locations on the east & west coast of USA and beyond. She is very detail oriented & loves architecture which clearly shows in her design aesthetic. Her goal with Malaika New York is to give women the opportunity to feel comfortable yet modern wearing sustainable fashion.

7 Days A Week

Because most of our styles are versatile you can wear them to work, party or even a lounge day. Most of our pieces can be un-snapped, twisted or worn inside out because of our zero waste techniques.

Black on Black

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There are too many brands that follows trends. The fact is that trends are wasteful, and it costs a lot of money to keep up. Buy a few good timeless pieces that will last for years. Benefits? You will be less stressed. Your wallet will be thicker, and your husband will be happier because there might be room for his clothes too.


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Be Comfortable

Do you tend to buy clothes that are your size but just doesn't show off your beautiful body like it deservers? Life is too precious to wear clothes that doesn't deserve you! We focus on making sure that each of our styles will empower you, and make you feel comfortable at the same time.