Under $150

At Malaika New York, we're dedicated to offering fashion-forward choices that align with your values. With our selection under $150, you can embrace sustainability without compromising quality or style.

Photo of a model wearing our zero vest in mint green and tube leggings a combination of organic cotton and faux leather.
A woman wearing a black knee length cotton dress
A woman wearing a black on black look by Malaika New York. A pair of faux leather leggings paired with an asymmetrical t-shirt
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Luxury black t-shirt with a fun collar by Malaika New York
off white silk tank top close up by Malaika New York
A boat neck t-shirt by Malaika New York

Eco-Friendly Fashion Under $150

Welcome to Malaika New York, where sustainable fashion converge to offer you a world of eco-conscious style without breaking the bank. Our collection boasts a diverse range of women's dresses, including organic cotton t-shirts, black shift dresses, relaxed boxy t-shirts, and trendy faux leather leggings, all priced affordably under $150.
We understand the importance of making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, which is why we've curated a selection that reflects our commitment to both style and affordability. With Malaika New York, you can shop guilt-free, knowing that each garment is crafted with care and consideration for the environment.
Our organic cotton loose fitted t-shirts are not only soft and comfortable but also ethically sourced and produced. Perfect for everyday wear, these versatile pieces can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Pair them with our faux leather leggings for an effortlessly look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.
For those seeking a more polished ensemble, our shift dresses offer timeless elegance with a sustainable twist. Made from high-quality materials and thoughtfully designed, these dresses are sure to become staples in your wardrobe for years to come.
At Malaika New York, we believe that fashion should be both stylish and sustainable, without compromising on affordability. With our collection of women's dresses & organic cotton leggings priced under $150, you can embrace eco-conscious style without breaking the bank. Join us in our mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to all, and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your wardrobe today.