About Us

Since Earth Day 2016, Malaika New York has been redefining the fashion industry, exploring a zero waste philosophy. It’s not just a fashion brand, it encompasses MALAIKA’S Danish heritage with sustainability at the core. We aim to eliminate fashion’s harmful environmental effects by utilizing minimal or zero waste patterns, while maximizing wearability by producing luxe-quality, contemporary garments that make a statement now and into the future.
Each garment is designed and handmade in New York with a deliberate, two-fold purpose; purpose for the wearer and purpose for the environment. MALAIKA’s garments are entirely genderless and androgynous; they’re inclusive to all. Each garment is free from gendered constraints, so less waste is created on pieces specifically made for a gender. 
Harpers Bazaar China - Chris Lavish wearing Malaika New York Zero Vest
We focus on creating timeless pieces that endure, rather than traditionally seasoned garments. Each piece can be worn throughout the seasons, and will remain in style eternally. They’re created with versatility for the wearer in mind; our garments are modifiable and can be worn in several different ways. 
Pildora Editorial - Our Zero Waste Twist dress worn inside out
To further integrate sustainability, MALAIKA uses up-cycled materials like plastics, bike tubes and regenerated fabrics, as well as offcuts. MALAIKA’S full range is produced locally in New York to maintain quality, to support the US garment industry and to reduce garment miles. For each item sold, a tree is planted for The Canopy Project.