A woman wearing a black out fit by Malaika New York. Black Faux leather leggings and a black zero-waste waterfall cardigan

A guide to a sustainable fall & winter wardrobe

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Are you looking for a sustainable fall & winter wardope? Look no further we have our favorite sustainable fashion pieces put together here in this guide to help you make the right choice so that you can look and feel amazing in the colder months ahead.
A grey organic cotton cardigan with pocket and long black sleeves by Malaika New York

Zero waste organic cotton square cardigan.  Handcrafted from heavy-weight organic fleece cotton fabric. Features a high neckline and a pocket made from up-cycled bike tubes that fit most mobile phones. The cardigan has 2 snaps in the front which makes the piece versatile and it is perfect to wear in Fall & Winter as a cardigan and in Spring or Summer as a jacket. 

The minimalistic design makes this season-less an easy-to-wear staple. Ethically produced in New York using zero waste design principles. 

A grey faux fur poncho in sustainable fleece made from 48 plastic bottles by Malaika New York
The softest and most comfortable poncho you will ever own and it’s made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, 48 bottles to be exact.   Do good and feel warm for many winters to come. Snuggle up in the poncho with your favorite hot drink and know you did your part in saving the planet. 
A zero waste black wool cardigan by Malaika New York
Zero waste reversible unisex jacket handcrafted from 100% warm wool fabric. Features raw edges, oversized neck detail, and angular design. Sustainably created from local deadstock fabric sourced from Fabscrap.  Wear it over a jacket for extra warmth during the winter or over a sweater in the Fall. Ethically produced in New York using zero waste design principles - it's a true square.
A white faux fur vertical vest by Malaika New York
Zero Waste Vest in vegan fur. The vegan fur staple garment is perfect for fall. The faux fur piece was created using zero-waste patterns, offering the wearer maximum style with minimum environmental impact. The Vegan Fur Vest is made from faux fur and up-cycled bike tube (snap reinforcement ) creating an understated yet bold look. 
black organic cotton vegan leggings by Malaika New York
Pair these vegan leggings with a cool top like our vegan fur vest. The faux leather keep you nice and dry and the organic cotton on the back gives you a comfy feel. The best of both worlds in one pair of leggings.
vegan fur skirt  with organic cotton sides by Malaika New York
Zero waste white knee-length skirt handcrafted from 5 squares of vegan fur and organic cotton. Features faux fur detail and folded fabric. The 3D design has volume and depth, giving a sense of complexity while being simplistic at the same time. Wear the cotton side pieces outside or pushed inside for different looks. Style as a set with the Vegan Fur T-Shirt. 
A zero waste sustainable waterfall cardigan in black organic cotton featuring a up-cycled bike tube hem by Malaika New York

Soak up the soft organic cotton and the coolness of the bike tube hem this is a true staple garment that should be in anyone's wardrobe.

The long organic cotton cardigan features a hem with up-cycled bike tubes which underlines the beautiful waterfall. A true one-of-a-kind cardigan with asymmetrical hem detail and 3D color block sleeves.

A grey hand knitted poncho by Malaika New York 

The winter poncho beautifully hugs the body with its warmth from the wool and the softness of the cotton. The effortless poncho will keep you warm for many seasons to come. You don't want to take it off! 

The poncho is flattering on any body shape. This is a winter staple piece that will be hard to find anywhere else and it's handmade in Denmark from high-quality sustainable yarn sourced from Turkey. 

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