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We hope you are staying safe and following the guidelines for your state or country. All of our physical stores & boutiques are closed due to mandatory shutdown but our online e-commerence are running as usual. Our shipping partners are still operating as normal so there shouldn't be any COVID-19 delays. 
The production for our spring 2020 was produced in USA and well before the COVID-19 pandemic began in USA so rest assured none of our garments carry the virus!
What are we doing to help?
We have donated our cutting scarps and leftover fabrics from our past collections. We meant to use these in some of our new styles but we saw an urgent need for the materials. The fabric was donated to the Mercer Mask Project a group of local crafters nearby our CEO Malaika Haaning's home. The Mercer Mask Project has so far donated over 750 masks to the ones below.

- Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Health Care Professionals: 485 masks
- First Responders: 62 masks
- Nonprofits: 140 masks
- Elder Care: 26 masks
- Other (supermarkets, correctional facilities, and more): 37 masks

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