Happy Galentines

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Happy Galentines,

Say hi to my galentines Mr. Blob. He is always beside me and makes sure I am not too stressed. Did you know that pets absorb stress from you? Mr. Blob and his pet friends reduce our heart rate and our blood pressure. A pet has a calming effect on us.

Malaika Boysen Haaning founder of Malaika New York is sitting with her cat Mr. Blob and wishing everyone a lovely galentines

I don't always have time for Mr. Blob but yet he still stands by my side. My human galentines are like this too. We don't always have time to see each other because we are busy people but no matter when we do it always feels like yesterday. We laugh, talk and hug. We understand each other even when words are unspoken. Being understood is the key to a long-standing relationship. Unbreakable & deep relationships are what make us truly rich. You can't marry your friends but it is truly to death do us part.

If you are as lucky as me to have one or more Galentines, even if you are oceans apart make sure to spend time with them, and enjoy the little moments that we take for granted.
Happy Galentines!

X, M

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