Happy New Year From Malaika New York

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

We want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! The year 2020 has been a ride to say the least. We had to restructure our plan for the year as Corona hit USA in March. We saw the urgent need for masks so we started making them and for each one we sold we donated a hospital grade mask to first responders. Our strategy has helped our small business stay afloat so for that we are very thankful. Our vision for 2021 here at Malaika New York are to grow our Malaika Family. We are hoping for a better & more sustainable future. If you have a zero waste Malaika piece and you love it please make sure to spread the word. We need every little piece of help that we can get. Let's come together to make a greener and more sustainable future for our next generations to enjoy. Thank you for your support. We really couldn't do it with out you and we look forward to 2021! See you there!

X, M

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