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It is no secret that we are on the edge of no return. We only have 12 years before the climate change is irreversible according to BBC if that isn't scary I don't know what is?

We are constantly coming up with new ideas to limit our environmental footprint but also encourage our customers and followers on social media enviromental do the same because it has to be a joint effort to help lessen our footprint.

The most recent idea was a giveaway on Instagram. To win they had to share one thing that they did on a daily basis here is some of what they shared.

  1. Use a reusable water bottle 
  2. I use reusable bags when shopping for my vegan foods
  3. I collect water from the AC pipe and use it to water my plants
  4. Air drying clothes instead of using the dryer
  5. I am vegan
  6. I ride a bike instead of taking the car
  7. Buying groceries from local farmers markets to save plastic waste & CO2
  8. Instead of using plastic straws I use reusable metal straws 
  9. Saving coffee grounds for soil & recycling pulverized egg shells
  10. I refrain from buying unnecessary plastic and paper products



The point is if we all just do a little we would come a long way! 




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