How To Get Rid Of Snail Mail

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Zero Waste Mail Box
Have you ever wondered how many trees that is being cut down in order for us to receive junk mail? The Los Angeles Public Works estimates that about 100 million trees are cut down annually to make direct marketing advertisements and that Americans spend an average of eight months of their lives sorting through it!  Here is a few tools where you can use to help save some trees.

Never give out your email address 
Switch to Online Magazines
Go paperless with your banking / mobile bills / Electric etc.

Unsubscribe (costs $2) (free) but you can only unsubscribe one at a time
To unsubscribe from catalogs you shopped from you need to do go to their websites
Credit Card Pre-approval mail / Insurance offers use (Yes you will have to give them your social security # but they are recommended by Federal Trade Commission)
Mail from past residents cross out the address write return to sender : recipient moved

The above tools will not remove everything from your mailbox but it will feel much lighter for sure. In order to remove the remaining try contacting them individually or try out PaperKarma

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