How we up-cycle bike tubes into pockets & more

Posted by Malaika Haaning on


We use bike tubes throughout our sustainable zero waste collection. We have an agreement with a local bike shop that saves their used bike tubes and we gather them for processing. Next we cut the bike tubes in half and wash them. The material isn't easy to work with but we have a passion to save the environment one bike tube at a time. The process is very time consuming but the material is beautiful and it can't degrade in a landfill so we believe that our work is very important and that we have to continue. The next step of creating the pocket for our zero waste cardigan is to sew the bike tubes together and cut them in order for the factory to create the pockets and attach them to the garment. I am wearing the plastic bottle poncho & tube leggings in the video find them below.



I hope our process and work will inspire you to be more sustainable in 2021!

X, Malaika New York

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