Introducing our first Triangle clutches made from bike tubes

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Hi guys, how are you?

 The sun is out but it’s a bit cold so I am wearing the Plastic bottle poncho today as it is a great transition piece. 

For the ones that don't know me, I am Malaika Haaning the founder of Malaika New York. Today I am going to show you a bag that I have been working on developing for the past few weeks and it has finally come together.

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The Triangle bag is made from up-cycled bike tubes that we have collected from local bike shops. These materials are destined for the landfill and it’s a shame because it is such a beautiful material. It is hard to work with but the result is worth it.

 The inspiration behind the bag

I have a love for architecture so I love shapes, straight lines & pure colors. I work with zero waste concepts such as squares and rectangles when I design. The new collection which this bag is a part of representers just that. The collection is based on squares and triangles so I thought this would be an awesome addition.

This bag is made from bike inner tubes and they have been sewed together and then folded to create this shape. If you look closely you can see the stitching lines on the bag.

The bags are all unique as some of them might have some numbers and writing from the inner tubes. They are made by adding rivets and snaps. 

The bag measures 10x10x10 so you can easily fit your mobile phone, your lipgloss, small sanitizer, and keys if you want.  

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