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We got your back - literally! We have designed two jackets for the sole reason to help women transition between seasons. Let it be spring to summer or summer to fall. The UFO jacket & square space jacket are both made from soft neoprene fabric. 

The UFO jacket has a two way zipper giving you the opportunity for multiple ways to wear. We were inspired by outer space and the future for this collection and the UFO jacket was designed based on lines of a space ship. To put a dot on top of the i as we say in danish, we put a label inside reading "welcome on board" simply because we couldn't imagine the jacket without it.


We love the square space jacket first of all for it's zero waste concept. The jacket is based on a square and with small touches of stitching and snaps we made it into a cool jacket. The pocket has a fun hot pink color. The fabric for the pockets is made from up-cycled fishing wire gathered from the bottom of the sea and made into small particles that are then spun into thin threads.

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