The Art Collection is out now

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

Hi, I am Malaika Haaning the founder of a Zero Waste Company Malaika New York. Today I am showing you the new collection that we launched yesterday in the honor of Mother's day.

The collection is handpainted by Tato an abstract painter from New york. She has art exhibitions throughout Manhattan several times a year. Her paintings range between $1500 to $15000 so it's a true honor to get the chance to work with her and to offer you her amazing talent.

The pieces aren't printed individually hand painted so each piece has such much work put into them. The linen vests can be fully opened so frame them or wear them I will leave that up to you! 🤗 You aren't just getting a piece of clothing but a true piece of art.

We chose our absolute bestsellers as we wanted to make sure that each piece would be truly special. The collection is very limited. We only have 2 love vests, 4 Crown vest's and 2 bags available in this collection so act now if you want to get your hands on these exceptional pieces. If you are getting any of these pieces make sure to sign up so you get $25 towards your purchase. The pieces have love, xoxo, love me written throughout the garment giving this to your loved one would be like sending them a love letter. To see the entire collection go to the link below:

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