The New Zero Waste Clothing Pieces

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We’re so excited to announce that our new MALAIKA collection pieces will be available soon!
Made using our Fairtrade and sustainable design and production principles, our new Vegan Fur pieces embody our philosophy of creating unconventional yet stylish garments that are cruelty free, seasonless and zero waste.  
women's vegan fur skirt
3D Vegan Fur Skirt made from 5 squares & Vegan Fur T-Shirt Made from 4 squares
The new MALIKA collection includes a selection of edgy Vegan Fur pieces, as well as the MALAIKA Up-cycled Organic Leggings. The faux fur pieces featuring organic cotton details, were all created using zero waste patterns, offering the wearer maximum style with minimum environmental impact. 
Vegan Fur Vest with Up-cycled Bike Tubes details
vegan fur top made in usa
The Vegan Fur T-shirt was created using 4 squares of fabric, with a loose sizing scale of s/m and m/l to avoid over production. The Vegan Fur Vest was made from faux fur and up-cycled bike tube creating an understated yet bold look. 
vegan fur t-shirt made in usa
The 3D Vegan Fur Skirt has volume and depth, giving the wearer a sense of complexity while being simplistic at the same time. It was created from 5 squares of fabric ensuring that no unused fabric was left over from its production.  
women's vegan fur skirt made in usa
women's vegan fur skirt made in usa
The MALAIKA Up-cycled Organic Leggings fit effortlessly with the Vegan Fur pieces. The organic cotton leggings are made completely from fabric scraps, with up-cycled bike tube embellishments on the hem line. 
Swatch Jacket made from 100% Up-cycled Fabric Scraps & Black Organic Cotton Leggings with bike tube hem
black organic cotton leggings
The fabric used in creating the new MALAIKA pieces was sourced locally, and all garments were Fairtrade produced in the New York garment district. The entire production was personally overseen by MALAIKA, ensuring suitable working conditions were consistently maintained. 
At MALAIKA, we don’t follow trends. We create minimalistic and futuristic garments that are hugely versatile; our customers never have to update their wardrobe and create unnecessary waste. Our seasonless collections featuring monochrome colors, genderless styles and hugely versatile garments mean that there’s zero waste that comes from their creation. 
A tree is planted for every MALAIKA Vegan Fur garment that you buy. Shop now to save the planet. 
In store at Dreems right now 120 Wooster Street, New York (Soho)

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