A woman standing on a bridge wearing a grey cardigan sweater with black long sleeves and a pair of black leggings by Malaika New York

Six Zero Waste Fashion Brands

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I wanted to do a list of true Zero Waste designers because I couldn't find a correct one. The lists that I have found also mention sustainable fashion brands that does not use Zero Waste techniques or concepts and therefore I thought it would be about time to make a list that is actually correct. The reason that I am able to make that list is because I am a zero waste designer and have been practicing it for years so I know what to look for. The team and I did extensive research and this is what we found.


Clothing Brands

Study New York

Study NY is a Zero Waste Fashion Brand based in New York. To minimize waste, they use zero waste cutting techniques in their design process whenever possible. The limited waste that is leftover are used in collaborations and the rest is recycled.


A woman wearing a bodysuit by Study NY


Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel is a New York based clothing designer who uses pre-consumer waste sourced from New York City’s garment industry, as well as other hard-to-recycle materials, to create the line of genderless clothing and accessories that send nothing to landfills. Find them here.



A man wearing zero waste designer zero waste daniel


Malaika New York

Since Earth Day 2016, Malaika New York has been redefining the fashion industry, exploring a zero waste philosophy. It’s not just a fashion brand, it encompasses MALAIKA’S Danish heritage with sustainability at the core. The waste that is leftover are being up-cycled into new garments or donated to quilting societies.  The materials are mainly organic cottons, fabrics made from up-cycled plastic bottles and they also use up-cycled bike tubes throughout their collections. 


A woman wearing a long sleeve black sweater with a silver pocket. She is also wearing cool silver faux leggings by Malaika New York


Accessories Brands


Turkish based Huner creates bags and accessories from pre-traveled sails focuses on putting the raw materials at the foreground by giving them the chance to tell their stories, more than once. Whether it be sail cloth or other materials going forward, each bag is always handcut and handmade. Find them here.

zero waste bag designer


US based Rareform takes billboards from all over the United States and route them to their facility in Agoura Hills, CA where the process begins. Find them here.

rareform zero waste bag designer


New York based Aramilee limits their waste by using their leftover scraps to create their pouches. After cutting the leather, all scrap pieces from the bags are gathered and reused. The patch shapes are determined by the scraps, so each pouch is unique. Find them here.

Zero waste bag designer


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