Why does it cost so much?

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

It’s no secret.

My clothes comes at a higher pricepoint. Probably way more than what you’re used to paying for clothes.

Here’s the deal:

Custom design +  high quality materials + regulated American labor  = a high price point.

It’s that simple.

The only way to reduce the cost of your clothing is to cut down on the quality of the materials or how much you pay the people that make the clothes.

I don’t believe in cutting down in any of those areas. And that’s why my clothes comes with the a price tag it does.

Yet, if you consider the cost per wear, my clothes are not as expensive as you might think.

Put simply, “cost per wear” is a way of breaking down the price of a piece of clothing by how many times you’re actually going to wear it.

Say you buy a garment for $100 and you wear it a hundred times before getting rid of it. In that case, the effective cost per wear is $1.

Because of my garments' high quality materials, they last A LOT longer than most of the clothes you see online, making them a more cost-effective purchase in the long run.

That’s pretty awesome, right?

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