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Malaika New York's innovative Faux Leather Leggings Shine in Fashion Collaboration - ULTRALIGHT DAYDREAM


woman wearing black faux leather leggings by Malaika New York

Sequin crop top: Jacqueline Then, @jacquelinethenworld / Leather front tights: Malaika, @malaika_new_york / Jewelry: Stylists own

Photographer / Brandon Harrison @blhstudioStylist / Ginger Cuenca @ginger.cuenca
MUA / Avery-Christine Golson @acgnyc
Hair Stylist / Austin Thorton @austinthortonbeautyPhoto Assistants / Bernardo Gasparini @be.gasparini and Kelvin Williams @kelvinihp
Models / Jade Rose @jaderoselle, Jenella Powell @jenella_powell, and Jemin @grimgirin

Tire Leggings with bike tubes, Vegan Leather with organic cotton back. Zero Waste leggings Malaika New York

In a dazzling fashion collaboration that fuses style, sustainability, and creativity, Malaika New York's innovative designs take center stage. The spotlight shines on their faux leather leggings with bike tubes and vegan leather paired with an eye-catching sequin crop top in a photoshoot featuring a talented team and an ensemble of striking models.

The Sequin Crop Top, worn gracefully by Jacqueline Then, exudes glamour and sophistication. Its sequin embellishments add a touch of opulence, making it a versatile statement piece. Paired with Malaika New York's groundbreaking faux leather leggings, this ensemble is not only fashionable but also environmentally conscious.

Malaika New York's tire leggings are a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion. Crafted from bike tubes and vegan leather with an organic cotton back, these leggings are more than just stylish attire—they are a symbol of innovation and ethical design. They reduce environmental impact and exemplify the brand's dedication to responsible fashion.

The creative team behind this captivating photoshoot brings the fashion narrative to life. Photographer Brandon Harrison captures the essence of each piece, while stylist Ginger Cuenca curates a harmonious blend of textures and styles. Makeup artist Avery-Christine Golson and hair stylist Austin Thorton enhance the models' natural beauty, adding an element of artistry to the collaboration.

Models Jade Rose, Jenella Powell, and Jemin breathe life into the fashion narrative, embodying the spirit of individuality and style. Their presence elevates the pieces, showcasing how fashion can be a means of self-expression and empowerment.

In conclusion, this collaboration is a harmonious fusion of style, sustainability, and artistry. It celebrates fashion as a form of self-expression while emphasizing the importance of responsible design choices. Malaika New York's innovative leggings shine brightly in this creative endeavor, leaving a lasting impression on the fashion landscape.

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