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Malaika New York: Innovative Zero Waste Garments to Embrace Your Unique Shape



 In 2014, Danish-born Malaika Boysen Haaning was studying at Parsons School of Design in New York. It was there that she mastered her craft. From constructing zero waste fashion concepts to pioneering innovative sewing techniques, she breathed sustainability into every design she touched. Malaika decided to start her eponymous label Malaika New York then and there, and the growing brand now expands from the east to the west coast of the USA and beyond.

With unparalleled attention to detail and a modern architecture aesthetic inspiring her work, Malaika has created a collection of capsule wardrobe ready garments that will see you through many seasons to come. Designed to be comfortable yet modern and rejecting any notion of trends, we love Malaika’s attitude: “Sustainable fashion should be cool and fun, not bland!” Truly, whoever said sustainable fashion was boring would eat their words if they saw Malaika’s designs.

Zero waste patterns

Leftover fabric is a contentious topic for fashion companies. Why? Because the two most common solutions are burning it or tossing it in a landfill. Yikes! Malaika New York is built on a zero waste principle, which basically means they use techniques that minimise waste as much as possible. And for anything that does become an offcut, they often find a creative way to incorporate it into a new garment. “By implementing zero waste patterns, we are able to strategically drape the fabric in such a way that little to no materials are wasted.” How cool is that?

Sustainable textiles

Always striving to be sustainable, Malaika New York incorporates as many eco-friendly and upcycled textiles and materials as possible. Some garments are made with ECONYL® yarn, aka the regenerated and high-quality fabric made from fishing nets, old carpets, and other nylon waste. You’ll also find unique clothes and accessories made with upcycled bike tubes that would otherwise end up in the bin! By using their highly effective and custom-developed upcycling process, the brand is helping to breathe new life into precious discarded materials.

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