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Malaika New York: Transforming Fashion with Sustainability in Bazaar Fashion Edit 2017

In the esteemed pages of Bazaar Fashion Edit 2017, Malaika New York took its rightful place as a visionary in the realm of zero-waste fashion. At the heart of this showcase was our distinctive white swatch jacket, a creation adorned with upcycled plastic bags bearing the message, "Thank you for shopping." It's a powerful symbol of sustainability that defies the disposable nature of conventional fashion.

Malaika New York's white swatch jacket, crafted from repurposed plastic bags, challenges the very notion of fast fashion and its short-lived existence. In a world where an average plastic bag has a lifespan of a mere 15 minutes, our jacket serves as a poignant reminder of the need for mindful consumption.

Featured prominently in Bazaar Fashion Edit 2017, Malaika New York's creation celebrates the fusion of fashion and environmental responsibility. It's a testament to our commitment to reducing waste and making a statement that transcends trends. This feature reaffirms that fashion can be a powerful force for change and that sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity.



Zero waste Designer Malaika New York in Bazaar Fashion Edit 2017

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