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The Best Looks from Miami Swim Week are on Harper's BAZAAR China and Malaika New York's Zero Vest are featured.

Miami Swim Week dazzled with its array of stunning looks, and the spotlight shone brightly on Harper's BAZAAR China as they showcased the very best of this prestigious event. Among the standout features was Malaika New York's revolutionary Zero Vest, a masterpiece of asymmetrical zero-waste design.

Malaika New York's Zero Vest, a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion, turned heads and captured hearts. This innovative piece embodies the fusion of style and eco-consciousness. As it graced the pages of Harper's BAZAAR China, it represented a future where fashion and environmental responsibility coexist seamlessly.

Chris Lavish, adorned in Malaika New York's asymmetrical zero-waste creation, embodied the essence of cutting-edge fashion with a conscience. This design not only exudes elegance but also champions the cause of minimal waste in fashion, making it a true standout at Miami Swim Week.

The feature in Harper's BAZAAR China amplifies the message that sustainability is the new standard in the world of fashion. Malaika New York's Zero Vest is not just clothing; it's a symbol of a sustainable future where style and responsibility walk hand in hand.

Chris Lavish
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