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The oceans are dying. Global warming, excess of contamination and unregulated overfishing are having drastics impacts in the flora and fauna. Coral reefs are disappearing and animals are been reduced in numbers to just a small portion of what they used to be. It seems like the elephant in the room it’s not big enough. If radical changes are not implemented in our way of life as a species, the only thing we will have left from the oceans will be our memories. This story represents the nostalgia and despair we will feel in a world where all the abundance and beauty provided by the our oceans is gone.

Photo by: ISANMONFORT, Styling: Brunhilda C , Leggings: Malaika (our vegan leggings), Bodysuit: Cosabella, Earring: Rose Berger, Ring: Sheinfeld Rodriguez.

Photo by: ISANMONFORT, Styling: Brunhilda C, Vest: Malaika,  Pants: Julia Seregina

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