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In the realm of sustainable fashion, innovative strides have been made that push boundaries even further. A prime example is the emergence of vegan "leather look" leggings adorned with inner tubes from bike tires—yes, you heard that right, tires!

MALAIKA New York, a fashion company rooted in sustainability and social responsibility, goes above and beyond to contribute to a more sustainable future. Their commitment extends beyond using eco-friendly methods to produce their garments; they also partner with The Canopy Project to reforest East Africa, planting a tree for every garment they sell.

Zero waste techniques are employed by this brand to create their garments, utilizing a textile made from ECONYL® yarn. This high-quality material is crafted from a mix of reclaimed fishing nets, old carpets, and discarded nylon waste. MALAIKA New York doesn't stop there—they take upcycling to the next level by transforming plastic shopping bags into their jewelry and garment appliqués through their custom-developed upcycling process.

To maintain their commitment to sustainability, all textiles used by MALAIKA New York are sourced locally in North America. This choice not only supports the American garment industry but also minimizes their carbon footprint, ensuring the highest level of quality in their garments.

Every product from MALAIKA New York is handcrafted locally in New York, further emphasizing their dedication to sustainability. Their designs are both season-less and genderless, promoting longevity and versatility, thereby reducing waste associated with garments made specifically for a particular season or gender.

The innovative practices and ecological consciousness exhibited by MALAIKA New York highlight their belief that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. With each step they take, they push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of sustainable fashion and inspire others to join them in shaping a better, greener future... Find the full blog post here

Find the full blog post here

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