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Interview with Sublime Magazine the first International Sustainable Lifestyle

Magazine about our sustainable zero waste mission here at Malaika.

Malaika Haaning, the Danish designer based in the heart of New York City, is making quite a stir in the fashion world with her innovative approach to eco-friendly clothing. Her creations not only capture the attention of the fashion press but also contribute significantly to a more sustainable future. What's particularly remarkable is her choice of materials and her dedication to ethical practices, setting her apart in the bustling world of New York's fashion scene.

What sets Malaika Haaning apart is her ability to turn unconventional materials into chic and eco-conscious fashion. For instance, she has ingeniously crafted a perfectly draped top from recycled fishing nets, breathing new life into marine waste while creating stylish, wearable pieces. Her earrings, on the other hand, are a testament to her creativity as she transforms discarded plastic bags, the ones that often annoyingly drift into treetops, into fashionable accessories that make a statement.

In a recent interview, Malaika was asked about the inspiration behind her journey in creating an ethical and sustainable clothing brand. Her response reflects her lifelong dedication to sustainability and her upbringing's eco-conscious values. She spoke of being taught to save water from a young age and of her commitment to recycling and avoiding plastic packaging.

Malaika's journey towards sustainable fashion was catalyzed during her time at Parsons School of Design in the vibrant fashion hub of New York. It was in one of her construction classes where students were challenged to create garments without the use of cutting or sewing. This experience led to the creation of her innovative "Zero Vest," a garment made by draping a single piece of fabric onto a dressmaker's dummy. This creative exercise sparked a crucial question for Malaika: "Why waste fabric if you don't have to?" This question ignited the flame of her sustainable design philosophy.

Malaika Haaning's brand not only embraces sustainability through its choice of materials but also strives to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Her journey, from her Danish upbringing to becoming a renowned sustainable fashion designer in New York, is an inspiring example of how individual passion and creativity can drive positive change. With each new creation, Malaika challenges the norms of the fashion industry, proving that style and sustainability can seamlessly coexist, even in the heart of the bustling New York fashion scene.

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