100 years flooding down to every 5 years

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

We used to call floods - 100 years floods because that was how often they used to happen - today scientists estimate them to be every 20 years and in 2030 down to every 5 years. Climate change barriers have therefore become an out most urgency to big cities around the world.

A Danish architect company called BIG is working together with the city of New York to secure coastal flooding. Instead of building concrete walls all around the city the architect company BIG rethinks the concept to a more useful and social one to insure the city keeps it’s beautiful water front. The company are integrating the barriers within baseball fields, benches, bars and restaurants and making them the “concrete walls”.

 In Denmark there are several areas where flooding have been a treat and insurance companies have said they no longer want to insure some of these areas.  The cities themselves have come up with ideas to slow down the water flow by redirecting the water in a longer path to the rivers and to make sure the houses aren’t being flooded. These areas have been fully developed into skateboard parks, playgrounds and beautiful parks for picnics.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we need to do what we can to limit our foot print so that our next generations have a chance.

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