Everyday Zero Waste Hacks

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

  • Use containers instead of ziplock bags. I used to buy around approx. 50 ziplock bags a month now I use zero by using reusable containers. Not only are you doing good but you are also doing yours to contribute to a better future.
  • Use ceramic or glass baking trays instead of onetime use tin foil trays. The tin foil are not currently recyclable and can’t biodegrade. I have had my ceramic baking trays for more than 15 years and they are still working just fine
  • Bring your own bag to stores. Always carry a tote bag with you for purchases
  • Bring your own water bottle and fill it from home. 
  • Use a water-filter and stop buying one time use plastic bottles. You will save overall time and no more back pain from logging those heavy boxes of water. You can get the water filter as a pitcher, a water bottle and even find filters for under your sink.
  • Thrift furniture & home wear. You will save money and sometime the quality is even better than what you can find in IKEA. Use thrift shops instead antique shops and make it a treasure hunt to find good quality pieces. 
  • Buying groceries. Prioritize buying the vegetables and fruits without plastic packaging and bring your own bag to put them in. It is not always possible to do so in a conventional supermarket therefor farmers market are a great place to do so. Berries & tomatoes can be found in carton containers and 90% of all fruit and vegetables are package free. 

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