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“Fast forward to the future. The earth is too polluted to live on. We are condemned to live a life on Mars. Our clothing consists from landfills that have floated into space. We live among aliens and have adapted their behavior.”

“This collection is all about the future and the materials available. Over 30 bike tubes have been used just to create these samples.  Our goal is to up-cycle thousands. Help us give the earth a chance to survive and flourish so that our next generations have a place to call home.”

Each year we find materials that are normally put into landfills and we give them a new life. The up-cycled material this year is inner bike tubes but don't worry we will continue our jewelry line of up-cycled plastic bags.  The idea to use the bike tubes came from Malaika's trip to Venice Italy last Summer.

Our mission is to save thousands of bike tubes from landfills and we hope you will help us succeed 💚

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