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I hope you are enjoying your first day of Christmas if that means wearing your PJ’s enjoying movies nonstop or reading a good book by the fire place. My day today is all about hygge. Some of you may have heard about the danish word hygge but for the ones of you who haven't it can be translated into a form of coziness. Hygge is to light some candles, dime the lights, put some snacks on the table, some light music, watch a movie or play a board game.

The 24th of December is the same for Danish people as the 25th of December are for Americans. During the day the children watch cartoons while the parents are in the kitchen preparing for the big Christmas feast. I remember so many Christmas’ in front of the tv with lots of home baked cookies and my favourite candies. My mom would bake the best nut/chocolate cookies and I would dip them in milk while sitting on the sofa under my dyne (blanket) watching my favourite Christmas tv. 

This year I travelled to Cleveland Ohio to spend Christmas with my American grand parents an amazing older danish couple, Minna & Ole. I am cooking the Christmas feast all day today while Minna and Ole hopefully watch their favourite tv and enjoy the cookies I brought for them. :) I am cooking a traditional danish Christmas dinner and we even imported the pig roast all the way from Denmark to make the day extra special! The menu is pig roast, red cabbage, small sugar potatoes, white potatoes and gravy. Our dessert is risalamande which is a rice pudding with copped almonds and hot cherrie sauce on top.  We put one whole almond in the rice pudding and the one that get the almond wins a gift. This dessert can really kill you if people try to hide the fact they got the almond because you keep eating until you find it :)

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