A Last Minute Gift Guide

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A last minute gift guide for the eco conscious consumer. There are many great finds all made in the USA by small independent companies. By supporting any of the brands within this guide you are doing yours to help protect the environment. 

Chikahisa Studio

sustainable gift guide 2021

Bold.Modern.Sophisticated.  Handcrafted jewelry that connects to your inner wisdom.  Each piece is ethically sourced and made in our Seattle studio.

Coat Check Chicago

sustainable gift guide

Coat Check Chicago is a line of classic inspired outerwear for modern women. Coat Check is ethically made in Chicago putting quality construction and timeless design at the forefront of our decisions.


sustainable holiday gift guide 2021


Clean and natural cleaning supplies for your home. They believe that the wellness you find beneath your kitchen sink and on your bathroom counter is equally as important as the food you put on your table. You, your family, and this planet depend on us to make health a priority. 

Sage Sleep

sustainable gift guide 2021

A natural sleep store located in Auburn, CA that helps you create a bed as unique as you. Are you looking for pillows and bedding that is non toxic, natural this is your place to go. Everything is made in the USA.

Gratitude Soapery

sustainable holiday guide

Gratitude products are created in small, artisan sized batches here you will find candles, soaps, masks and much more. They want to part of your every day, a reminder of your value, your creativity, your “you-ness.”   From the names of the products to the colors to the scents, they have been intentional in creating the experience.  



sustainable gift guide 2021

Linens that are made to order, so nothing gets made unless is has a home first. They use linen, which is naturally farmed and uses less water and land resources to grow than cotton plus they save all fabrics and reuse their scraps in one of a kind items like pillows and limited production sachets. Made in USA.

Malaika New York

sustainable gift guide 2021

Created for the women that care for the environment. Who wants to feel less stressed & look amazing on her everyday journey through life. A Zero Waste clothing brand combining Scandinavian minimalism with exquisite techniques making their garments both versatile and unique. Their clothes are made from squares, triangles & rectangles to optimize their fabric use up to 98% leaving their customers with unique pieces they can't find elsewhere. Now also offering zero waste natural personal care.

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