What to wear for your new year party!?

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NYE is just around the corner.. I know it might not seem like it.. where did this year go right? It beats me! 🙈 Want to wear a sustainable dress or outfit this year and underline what the year meant for the world in reducing carbon footprint. I have a few options for you if I may? :)


Creative & Powerful

A woman wearing Malaika New York long silver evening wear dress

Are you looking for a wow moment? Do you want to make a statement? The Silver gown is your dedicated NYE dress.


Elegant & Feminine 

A woman wearing a edgy black sequins dress made from deadstock by Malaika New York

Do you want to blend in & maybe look for laying because you don't like to be cold? Wear this dress with a pair of black leggings or long sheer socks & a pair of high heels. Feel elegant yet comfortable ringing in the New Year in style.


Edgy & Playful


A woman wearing  a black sequins midi dress nye look by Malaika New York


The best of two worlds. This look can be twisted and worn, many different ways. Are you like a chameleon that wants to show off your many outfits throughout the night or just want to be able to wear the outfit for the next business meeting without anyone noticing you have worn it before this look is designed for you.


Comfortable & Exquisite  


A woman wearing a black nye dress with sequins by Malaika New York


Do words like introvert & tranquil describe you then you might like the Jutland dress? This subtle dress kicks ass with its anti-bacterial, odor-resistant & breathable fast-drying fabrication. The dress has a subtle shape and a delicate sequins detail. Combine it with black leggings or sheer tights and enjoy the soft recycled Chitosante fabric.


Wearing a Zero waste piece like any of these gives you a head start on your NYE resolution for 2022, which hopefully also involves making better choices to help save the world.


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