Fall cardigans that you need in 2023 and beyond

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Are you a cardigan fan, no I am not referring to the Cardigans band from 1992 but the clothing piece☺️. I love cardigans but not that bottom-down tight-fitted one because I have never found it much fattering.. and maybe you haven't been either? In case you are still searching for the perfect cardigan maybe one of these could be for you?
The Waterfall cardigan does not hug you in an uncomfortable way like the traditional cardigan would. The cardigan does not leave the fabric open between the buttons. The cardigan's drape allows the body to move freely. The sleeves are loose-fitted and the coloration gives you a cool edge.. talking about the edge (hem).. It's made from hand-cut up-cycled bike tubes that gives the hem a beautiful waterfall look.
Are you looking for a heavier fabric and a more artistic look then the swatch jacket would be a fun addition to your fall wardrobe. The cardigan is made from 100% scraps of our leftover fabrics. Each one of the cardigans is unique because of the colorations and placements. The fit is on the larger size because I don't want to feel like I am strapped in and each bite I take will show. 🙈  It's been 3 years since I gave birth to the twins, and I still have my post-pregnancy belly so I love wearing the swatch jacket because the front piece hides my belly.
PS: Make sure to check out the dimensions if you can't find your size. 
fall cardigan organic cotton
Last but not least I have been wearing this cardigan for more or less the past two weeks which says a lot right :)? The square cardigan is super soft and the only one of these 3 that has a pocket. The pocket is made from hand-cut bike tubes and I have been using it for my mobile phone and chapstick. I use the cardigan as a jacket and it is warm enough to keep me comfy going to and from the car. 

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