Sizing Info

Sizing Info

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Why does diversity matter?

At Malaika New York, we strongly believe in embracing diversity. We want you to be able to enjoy our clothing for years to come, and we have taken steps to ensure that this is possible. Our focus is creating a fit that not only drapes beautifully on your body, but also conceals any unwanted curves while enhancing your best features. We understand that your lifestyle may involve weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and the natural process of aging, as our bodies are bound to change. Rather than resisting these changes, we embrace them. We place great emphasis on a proper fit because we know that when the fit is right, you will not only look amazing but also feel incredible. This is our mission at Malaika New York.

A blond woman wearing a black shift dress in organic cotton

How does our sizing work?

Our styles come in two size ranges. If you normally wear a size large, you can choose between a medium or large. The size large ranges from L to XL, while the size medium ranges from medium to large. If you prefer a longer dress, we recommend choosing a large. However, if you are comfortable with a dress that is 1 inch or 2.54 cm shorter but desire a tighter fit, we suggest selecting the medium size.

Sizing chart in Centimeters 

Sizing chart malaika new york

Sizing chart in Inches

sizing chart Malaika New York

An overlook of some of our styles
Asymmetrical Dress XS-XL
Asymmetrical T-shirt XS-XL
Square Vest Fits S-XXL
Zero Vest's One-size Fits S-L
Zero Vest's One-size Plus Fits L-XXL
Hexagon Styles Fits S-XXL  
Sleeve Dress Fits S-XL
Fur Poncho Fits S-XXL
Wave Skirt S-L
Asymmetrical Vest S-XL 

Still not sure?

Send us an email at or reach out on our chat.

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