Free Zero Waste Scarf

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

Hey girl,

These last few weeks I’ve had a bit of leftover fabric. 

So in true zero waste fashion, I thought I’d turn it into something nice for you.

And voilaah!

Look what I came up with:


free wool scarf


Turns out the fabric had a perfect size for a 2-sided, reversible scarf made of 100% wool.

They are doing no good, just laying here at my studio, so here’s my in-the-moment offer for you.

From today and till Sunday (the 24th), when you order from my shop, I’ll add one of these scarfs for free.

How does that sound? 💖 

Now, I only made a handful of them. So if you want one, you’re gonna have to be quick on that phone / computer of yours.

The offer ends this Sunday (the 24th of October).

X, M

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