Zero waste personal care

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So … this might surprise you.

From this day on, I’ll be selling a small line of all-natural, zero waste personal care products.

“Say what?”

Yeah. I know. 


It might seem like it’s coming out of nowhere … and it sort of is.

But the thing is - I’m a woman with really sensitive skin.

The kind where any kind of “mainstream” personal care product just ends up worsening the redness, itchiness and dry patches I deal with daily … plus it costs so much money and it’s just making it worse so I ended up trying to make my own...

Turns out …

Traditional personal care products are FILLED with chemicals.

And most of those chemicals don’t mix well with sensitive skin. A condition almost 50% of us deal with.

So when I’m not designing zero waste garments, sewing fabric scraps into sustainable fashion pieces, or taking care of the boys …💁🏼‍♀️

I’m actually hands deep in researching and creating plastic-free, organic, all-natural, personal care formulas.

It’s been my side project for quite a while now.

And soon I’ll be launching my first cream & sugar scrub.

I found some amazing small companies that specialize in everything else that I don’t (and I tested them all) so you don't have to worry they are approved by the hardest critic (myself)

zero waste personal care

Just like my zero waste collections, these products are based on my strict zero waste principles.

They are plastic-free and made from all-natural & vegan ingredients.

Best of all?

They don’t pollute your body (or the planet!).

Take a look at the line up and try one out for yourself here.

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