From Queens in New York to Izmir in Turkey

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We are moving our production from Queens New York to Izmir in Turkey! The move is an all-over necessary next step for my company because we are growing but also because I just moved to Denmark. The closer that the production is to Denmark the better because that limits our carbon footprint but also makes it easier for me to visit as it is only a 2 hours airplane ride away. :)
The new factory is Danish-owned but based in Izmir. Kopenhag is the Turkish word for Copenhagen, a symbol of a Danish-owned company operating in Turkey. The factory is owned by my friend Signe who owns a sustainable women's wear brand called by Signe. She started out producing all of her clothing in her studio in Frederikshavn, Denmark but it grew more than she could manage in Denmark. She saw it as an opportunity to move the production to Turkey where she was already sourcing her GOTS certified organic cotton. She started the factory which is called Kopenhag studio in 2021 which was founded on sustainable principles. The studio specializes in mostly organic cotton which is a perfect fit for Malaika New York.
Kopenhag Studio aims to assist brands in both environmentally and socially sustainable development of their collection while keeping a cultural heritage and handcraft safe. They work towards applying safe and healthy opportunities to the manufacturing process.
I am very excited to get our very first sample next week and I can't wait to share it with you all!
sustainable factory in Turkey
Production at the factory in Turkey.

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