7 ways to celebrate Valentines day more sustainable

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Valentines day is outdated and over-commercialized. Did you know that Valentine's day is one of the biggest days for retail? In 2018 the USA alone was responsible for $20.1bn in sales on Valentine’s Day. How many teddy bears, cards, and cheap knick-knacks will last a day or a month at the most, and then go into the trash? How can you make Valentine’s Day more sustainable & fun? Here is 7 ways to make your valentines day more sustainable

 7 ways to celebrate Valentines day more sustainable 

1. Buy a card that you can plant. You can literally see the flowers bloom like the love for each other. 

2. Skip cut flowers and ask for live plants instead. The plants consume toxins in the air and keeps your indoor environment nice and fresh.

3. Did you end up buying the gift already and want to wrap it? Use a piece of cloth or reuse a pretty bag that makes the right statement. Save the paper and get creative.

4. Cook a thoughtful dinner and put some candles on the table

5. How about donating to a good cause in the name of your partner? Even more fun rescue a cat or dog. Give a homeless pet a new home as a sign of your commitment and future together.

6. Personalize an existing garment with an iron on print. You can easily print that on your own printer. Are you using wording then make sure to reverse it, so you can read it when your hubby or you are wearing it.

7. Support a small brand or company that is trying to make the world a better and greener place to live.



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