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Happy New Year!  I want to personally thank you for your support in 2022 as a small business owner each, and every order I get is vital for my business. You are not just doing good by buying zero-waste clothing, but you are supporting a small business owner trying to make a difference!

What did we do in 2022..I started the year with a sample sale and an exclusive Instagram event. The event was a big hit, and we sold out within hours. Maybe I should do one again soonish. What do you think? 

I did the unthinkable... I moved from New York to Kolding in Denmark in February, so I had to start from scratch figuring out how to do business in a new country. I remember working from my mom's house and then finally at our new home without any furniture.. that was fun I was alone with the kids for a solid two months, so I only had very little time to work. 

Most importantly, what did the move change for you? The shipping to the states got a bit more expensive, but everything else stayed the same. No duty and taxes because Denmark have an agreement with the USA . A big plus for my European customers was that they get duty and tax-free too! 

I started manufacturing in Turkey instead of New York, which meant that I was able to welcome wholesalers on board too. I got to work and already gained three new stores. Two in Denmark and one in Schaumburg IL. 

 I created the get your personalized zero-waste style quiz so that you can make sure to find the right pieces for you. The quiz is designed to create a custom guide that allows you to navigate a world with fewer sizes, less waste, and focus on what you are looking for. In case you haven't done the quiz, you can find it here.

I did another giveaway with my friends Ann & Liz with a value of over $1100. I always love working with Ann (Chikahisa Studio) and Liz (The Check Room) because they are amazing business women, and we constantly learn from each other but our values are very much aligned with small production, fair labor & high-quality items. 

A fun highlight was that the Zero Vest was worn by Ann-Mette Elten a Danish singer seen on Danish TV on the 16th of December, see it here.

Thank you for reading and for following my zero-waste journey. I promise you that there will be more sustainable tips and tricks in the new year so that we can make a change for a better and brighter future for our family and generations to come. 

Thanks for reading.

X, M 


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