Merry Christmas from Malaika

Posted by Malaika Haaning on

Christmas is finally here, and we can all enjoy some family time. I will celebrate Christmas with my twin boys, my husband and his family on Mors in Denmark. I look forward to a relaxing weekend with busy kids playing with their new toys. 😊 Mors has a beautiful nature, so we are in for some hiking. I am sure it will be much needed after all the good food.   



I am danish, and we celebrate Christmas on Christmas evening the 24th. We eat and then we dance around the Christmas tree before we are allowed to open our presents. Our traditional Christmas dinner is pig roast (flæskesteg), duck, potato's, red cabbage, white and brown sugar potatoes (PS: I am a flexitarian). 😅

I wish you, and your family a merry Christmas and promise me that you enjoy it. 💗 

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