Holiday Outfits 2021

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15 years ago I was gifted a sequin dress by my besties.  

I loved it. And ever since it has been an essential part of my holiday wardrobe.

But after 15 years of wearing the same dress, I thought it was time to try something new.

So today I want to introduce you to our first-ever truly sustainable holiday evening wear collection. Or at least our 3 favorite must-have pieces.

Shall we?

The Sequins Top

holiday sequins top

The sequin top is the definition of versatility. Each hole in its unique design is made to fit your head and gives you the option to wear the piece in 5 different ways.

The accompanying skirt can be turned in whichever direction you desire. The picture just shows you a front view, but it can easily be twisted to the side or even the back

The Silver Gown

new years dress malaika new york

This piece is a true N.Y.E. statement piece. Wearing this, you’ll undeniably draw the attention of every eye within miles (or within the walls of any given party).

Wear the bold square neck over the shoulder or off the shoulder to watch your ideal look. Also, if you’re planning to have fun with a couple of drinks. Don’t worry about spilling. You can easily wipe off spilled drinks with a damp cloth and be ready to party again within seconds.


The Sequins Dress

sequins dress for the new year

The Sequin Dress is the best of two worlds. It’s elegant, comfortable, and planet-friendly. If the idea of wearing a bag all day tires you, this dress is your life-saver. With deep pockets on both sides, you can carry simple everyday necessities with you wherever you go.

You can check them all out here.



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