Meet The Founders Of The Eco-Friendly Giveaway Byom's & Malaika New York

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Meet the companies behind the first eco-friendly sustainable giveaway of 2023. Our mission with the giveaway is to get you starting started with a more sustainable daily routine with this giveaway. 

Meet the founders behind Byom's - Rikke Stein & Anja Byrial Hansen

Rikke Stein & Anja Bryial founders of Byoms - freshen up

Rikke Stein
She has a professional background as a nature engineer, so it felt natural for her to transition and research new science with Byom's. Byom's is the perfect company for her to continue her fight for a better and cleaner planet. She is married, has two kids and a dog.
Anja Byrial Hansen
She is a former professional handbold player, and in her career she won OL gold, two European gold, and World Champion silver. After retiring as a professional handball player she became an executive secretary at a high standing IT company in Denmark. 
She is married, and has four children and all of them are very active with sports as well. Her ability to achieve results as a professional handball player reflects on the work she does at Byom's.
Read more about what they do & find their products here


Meet Malaika Boysen Haaning behind the brand Malaika New York

Malaika Boysen Haaning Jyske Vest Kyster

The founder behind Malaika New York is Malaika Boysen Haaning an Americanized Dane with a zero-waste fashion mission. She studied fashion design at Parsons, the New School of Design in New York, where she got the first stepping stone to get where she is today.

She has always had a passion for creating garments out of impossible shapes and materials because she finds the general fashion concept wasteful and uninspired. She is fuelled by the climate change to make women feel cool, and comfortable in world saving pieces that will create beautiful staple collections for years to come. She has gained techniques where it is now possible to have very little waste compared to the fashion industry's 30% waste. She is married and is the mom of twin boys & two cats. She can't wait to create more designs that will empower you. 

Read more about Malaika New York & check out their Designs here

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