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Save Money, Time & CO2 With A Sustainable Solution By Byoms

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Here at Malaika New York we are always looking for ways to improve how we can be more sustainable when looking at all spectres of the company. I was happy to meet Esther from Byoms while browsing a tradeshow in Denmark. I had seen Byoms in a similar TV program "Shark Tank"(Løverens Hule) Denmark, and I had to talk with them because I wanted to know more about their revolutionary products especially their odour remover called Freshen Up

How can we prolong the lifespand of our zero waste garments? Byoms cleans with probiotics. They focus on removing the bad bacteria while keeping the good ones alive. Wash your clothing with Byoms laundry detergent, and an active ingredient called probiotic will keep your clothes fresher longer than your regular detergent. The probiotic keep your clothing smelling fresh eight days after you wash it. You avoid harsh chemicals, you get ingredients sourced from mostly fair trade vendors, you can recycle/reuse all of their packing & their products are certified ECOCERT greenlife. What's not to like?

Save time and money with Byoms the Freshen Up

Do you have shoes, jackets or even your favourite organic cotton hexagon t-shirt with a bad odour but don't have time to bring them to the dry cleaner or want to spare them from the washing machine a little while longer? The Freshen Up is your answer! Spray the Freshen Up onto your place of odour, and it will start working in only 20 min., and the odour will be completly gone in 24 hours.

Byoms Freshen Up is revolutionary. Ideas on where and how to apply it? Find a list below:

  • Your sport bag
  • Your sport clothes
  • Your coat
  • Your zero vest
  • You t-shirts
  • Sofa
  • Dogs or cats baskets 

Did you enter our giveaway!?

In case you haven't joined our eco-friendly giveaway with Byom's make sure to do so. Click here to join. Win a beautiful LBD Dress by Malaika New York & a years supply of a revolutionary bestselling odour remover Freshen Up & 500ml Sensitive Wash by Byom's. A total value of $220 / 1500kr! Your chance to get a statement dress that's made to make you feel and look beautiful, plus a years supply of a life changing odour spray that will keep your clothes fresher for a longer periode of time & save tons of CO2. 

The giveaway ends on the 19th of March at 23.59 pm EST. so hurry!

**US & European entries only


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