My top 5 favorite outfits this week

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We are finally starting to feel the spring weather but it's a time where a lot of people get sick because they are wearing the wrong clothes. I am giving you my top 5 pieces that will make sure that it doesn't happen for you.

First of I am showing the plastic bottle poncho made from 48 plastic bottles. The jacket has a silver pocket convenient for your phone or whichever you prefer to carry with you on a day-to-day basis. I am wearing the bike tube leggings on a daily basis because I love how they go with our whole collection.

The next garment is the Square jacket. The jacket is a rectangle and the fabric is deadstock fabric. I love how versatile it is and the fact that it is reversible.

The handknitted poncho is made in Denmark and the yarn is sourced from Turkey. The button is hand-cut from an exploded truck tire. We have it black and grey.

One of our customer-favorite styles is the color block poncho made from organic cotton. You can wear this garment as a jacket between seasons or layer it in winter with a long sleeve tee and a pair of leggings.

The very last garment is the square cardigan which has a lot of cool bike tube details throughout the garment such as a zipper pocket, snap placements, and side detail. Surprise we are having our first give-a-way ever!! We are giving away two lopsided t-shirts one for you and one for your bestie. Sign up on the below link.


Thank you for taking your time to watch / read!


X, M

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